Thursday, November 03, 2011


…how the banks and the stockbrokers and those who believe themselves our corporate masters threw a monumental and very expensive hissy fit when the Greek PM suggested actually consulting his people about what was going to be done to them.

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Anonymous said...

hate to disagree, but surely its not about calling a referendum .. it’s the timing of that referendum
If Papandreou had called this months ago (when the coming pain was still obvious) then it might not have been an issue
But instead he called it after
Weeks of negotiation, meetings, phone calls, stock market uncertainly, papers signed, hands shaken, wheels starting to turn, storm starts to die down… and then at 11:59 calls a referendum!
Isn’t this just the same as if I book my car into the garage for a big piece of work, and I make sure the parts are available, I’ve arranged a hire car, got the overdraft to pay for it.. and then as I’m driving to the garage to drop it off I get a phone call from them to say they are just about to have a meeting to see if they want to do the work!
But its even worse than that, at the same time that Greece ‘urgently needs the next loan’ to pay their bills they also announce that they are about to make a decision that could ultimately mean they would just ‘default’ (walk away from their debit) and plunge Europe into chaos, which asks the question why give money to someone that is about to declare bankruptcy anyway?
BTW: Why was “Exit Funtopia” also published as “The Long orbit”  (some of us bought both!)

Mick said...

I take your point. I couldn't resist taking a cheap poke at the power structure. The title of Exit Funtopia was changed at the whim of the US publishers.

Anonymous said...

Re cheap poke

But its not really that at all, its really a well deserved, more than needed poke at an organisation that has messed us over in so many ways – its just that this was not one of them (but all of the others are!)