Thursday, October 06, 2011


I stole this from Dangerous Minds because it too good to pass up, plus I figured we all need to know the truth if Pikachu is indeed the Spawn of Satan. I spent too much TV time back in the 20th century trying to figure out Pokémon to really no avail. Now I apparently know I can only wonder I feel?

Bert Jansch -- RIP


Jettboy said...

My kid just started getting into Pokemon; now I'm fucking terrified for his soul! At least I can use that as a rationale to stop buying him all of the cards, and videos, and toys and assorted Poke-stuff. My boy's immortal soul may be damned, but my wallet will be much happier.

I love the way that poor, misguided goober in the video says that "...these are actually the names of Oriental demons." Really? No shit? Those 'orientals' have cute technicolor demons named "Jigglypoof", "Foongus" and "Cottenee"?

Get thee back to the pit of Hell, Jigglypoof!

Aleleeinn said...

I'm still terrified of Psyduck. I hesitate at every thing I do.

RIP Bert. First heard him on Basket of light with Pentangle. The record was playing in the record store ad I bought then and there. You left us good music Bert.