Friday, September 02, 2011


Last night I did a show in London . It went well, I believe, but left me a little shattered. But then, today, this dropped into the inbox, telling me that the shit is never going to end. I've been reading stories like this all my long life. And we'll keep readingb them unless we keep talking and resisting, even when the human race hardly seems to merit the effort. (Click image to enlarge the text.)

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The secret word is Weary

But what ironic images do we follow this with?


dogs said...

The fact you guys managed to get half of the desperate poseurs amassed at that gallery to clear off, just two songs into your set, should be enough to let you know you were doing something right. I had a ball, was nice to meet you, Mick.

Mike said...

Also :-
Three months after the attack, the Pentagon said it had conducted its own investigation and the allegations of the execution were absolutely false and there had been no cover-up. Lieutenant-Colonel James Gregory, a Pentagon spokesman, responding to the Alston letter and the Iraqi government announcement that it is to revive its inquiry, said on Friday: "The incident was properly investigated at the time and no new information has surfaced."
And :-
The letter has inflamed opinion in Iraq at a sensitive time in US-Iraq relations, amid difficult negotiations over retention of US bases in Iraq after the scheduled departure of US troops in December. Iraqi officials said the new information was sufficient cause to deny the Americans any bases and demand all troops leave.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Even without government we might continue to commit atrocities. Our continued reliance on government, it has to be said, guarantees such atrocities will continue to happen and further guarantees such atrocities will only get worse and worse. Like Frank sang, "I said that's life/(That's life)/And as funny as it may seem/Some people get their kicks stomping on a dream/But I won't let it, let it get me down/'Cauce this fine old world, it keeps spinnin' around."

Khourma said...

Some information from Wiki

- Milošević was indicted in May 1999, during the Kosovo War, by the UN's International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia for "crimes against humanity in Kosovo". Charges of violating the laws or customs of war, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions in Croatia and Bosnia and genocide in Bosnia were added a year and a half later.

- Radovan Karadžić the same thing

- On 30 June 2004, Saddam Hussein, held in custody by U.S. forces at the U.S. base "Camp Cropper", along with 11 other senior Baathist leaders, were handed over legally (though not physically) to the interim Iraqi government to stand trial for crimes against humanity and other offences.

- Muammar Gaddafi is in the comming soon List...

=> With such evidence and such informations showed by Wikileaks, i'm wondoring why people dont induct David Petraeus, W Bush & Rumsfield for all these crimes to the International Criminal Tribunal.

Why American/european people stay silent for this.

This is the pure injustice of the sick sad world we live in.

Aleleeinn said...

It won't stop until we learn the lesson, that "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

If you train people to act worse than animals and call them heroes the horror will continue.

I have come to despise the word hero. It has become a media tool and lost any meaning. When you enter a war with overwhelming military superiority, you can by definition never be a hero.

My father served in a war where he was always at risk, and often outnumbered. He never considered himself a hero. He did not vilify his enemy. He served because he believed his nation needed him.

In many ways that war (WWII) changed him for the better. He left his racism at Bastogne. A racism that he had been force fed all his life. But he knew even before the black men in tanks saved his ass that racism was a lie.

He served in Italy, but married the daughter of an Italian immigrant. And when we were born and played baseball, he coached a team of all colors.

My father participated in no organized religion. Yet I would put his ethics up against any one I have met or heard of.

We watched the civil rights demonstration on TV, and he stated his position simply and succinctly; :I did not fight in WWII to see Americans treat Americans like that."

So if the press describes people as heroes, I expect more of them and what I saw in my father. And simply--I don't see it.

this guy said...

I know words are your bag and all, mickey, but we need to do more than keep talking.