Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Billy Bob Frozdick should never have married the mountain gorilla.


Mark Haspam said...


Michael Simmons said...

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Billy Bob Frozdick is also known as the brilliant underground filmmaker George Kuchar who recently went to that Great Midnight Screening In The Sky. And this still is from a classic '70s broad comedy/porno film/horror flick whose title eludes my cannabinoided short-term memory-lost brain. They rarely make films with that combo of elements these days. They rarely made 'em back then either.

I also recall that two of the stars were brother and sister and I think bro and sis make it on camera -- and I do mean make it. Full-penetrado in c.u.

I could look it up the movie's name on the net but I'm too stoned, so if anyone remembers its title, please share the info.

Mick said...

Very true, but in the Frozdick universe we play very fast and even more loose with reality.

Michael Simmons said...

The film was called Thundercrack! Just came to me.