Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Please, click here. This is rousing stuff.


The Realist said...

Keith Olbermann!? No shit, Farren!? Keith-fucking-Olbermann!?

He and Michael Moore are cut from the same cloth as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity; flip sides of the exact same coin. Blind political fervor, mindless dedication to your cause of choice, and bull-headed intolerance are NEVER good things. If everyone in the U.S. were either Keith Olbermann-ites or Rush Limbaugh-ites nothing would EVER get accomplished. Oh, wait a sec...

Aleleeinn said...

I can only half agree. Yes the liberals spin things too. Yes, they play to the media, but it is impossible to have a rational discussion on these issues with the right. They have "God On Their Side" and they don't need reasons or reasoning.
I've seen through spin since I was a kid. But it seems very few people actually do. And not many people on the left or the right have any real sense of history.
My critique is fundamental. The law of supply & demand is a myth. It disappeared as soon as someone mentioned its existence.
The tax breaks for the rich are not only unfair they actively sabotage the American economy. By providing venture capital for American companies outsourcing their operation to to China & India & wherever. Not for politics but for return on investment.
These tax cuts are an extension of the tax breaks given by Reagan in the '80s. The American economy at least for the people who work for a wage has tanked since these principles gain sway.
Management of American business is a disaster. IT is based on a reward system that offer outlandish rewards with no assurance of success in the position. Rewards not tied to performance are a disaster waiting to happen, and it has.
Corporate America has systematically gutted the manufacturing and industrial base of the USA.
BUT who can I have this discussion with?? A group of ideologues who use god when ever their idea hit a wall. A grou of fools who claim problems are simply but have not solved one even though they controlled the congress and the presidency.
I could go on forever.
Sorry for the rant Mick.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann is a puffed up, self righteous pussy. His indignant whining makes my ears bleed.

Diamond Jim said...

Have a cotton ball, asshole.

Aleleeinn said...

BUT analyzing the content he has a pretty accurate take on the situation. An as in nearly all political events there is enough blame to go around.