Monday, August 08, 2011


“Hey kids, remember peace and prosperity?”

Our pal Marjorie sent this item from The Jewish Chronicle. But will Bill remember what happened to John Lennon when was more popular than God?

“God is more popular than Barack Obama at the moment but less popular than Bill Clinton before he was reelected president in 1996. In a survey of 928 American voters by Public Policy Polling, 52 per cent of respondents said that if there was a God, they approved of his performance. In contrast, only 12 per cent had a favourable view of Rupert Murdoch. A majority of respondents said they supported the way in which God handled the creation of the universe, however only half approved of how He handled natural disasters. A third of those questioned said they were unsure of their opinion of God's treatment of animals. Gods popularity at the recent survey – only nine per cent of people said they disapproved of his performance – would probably be envied by many politicians. Approval ratings – figures used to measure the performance of public figures – have been used to rate American presidents since they were introduced by George Gallup in the 1930s. Ratings tend to fluctuate a great deal during a presidency, but President Obama's popularity is currently some six per cent lower than God. In contrast, while President Clinton only had the confidence of 37 per cent of voters when his popularity was at its lowest, in November 1996, two thirds of voters said they approved of him. Still, while God is more popular with the general population than the current occupant of the White House, a poll this week showed the president enjoyed an approval rating of 60 per cent among Jewish voters.”

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The secret word is Knowledge

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Aleleeinn said...

There is one big problem here. All answeres about God are not anonymous. All that all-knowing, all-present all good stuff skews the statistics. AND it's doubly bad since even if you lie and say you approve of how God is doing--he still knows. And he has gone on record saying he will punish the un believers.
I, for one, am not buying the all good trait, and won't answer my phone or any polls.