Tuesday, July 26, 2011


His hobbies are golf and his fake tan. My perception is that this man is extremely stupid and a bought-and-paid-for lackey of wealth. Right now he seems quite willing for the US to go into superpower debt default, a wholly unknown situation that could be nothing short of economic armageddon. Especially if the Chinese call in their markers with even non-extreme prejudice. He is willing to risk all this to prevent tax increases on the super-rich. He fails to realize, it seems, that is billionaire masters will not be exempt from a global money meltdown.


Max Kaehn said...

He’s not stupid; he just doesn’t care about anyone who isn’t wealthy. It’s OK for him if the economy crashes because the wealthy will still be on top of the heap. He represents the rich fools that would rather live on top of a hill than halfway up a mountain.

Aleleeinn said...

Max, I agree with your description of the attitude.
My problem with the tax breaks for the very rich are that they have done no good since the 198ss when they began. The difference between the very rich and very poor has expanded enormously.
America's manufacturing has all but disappeared. Our politics are mired in stupidity and lies.
My bottom line is "The rich care only for the rick--not even for their country."
All I see from the massive stratification of wealth is mindless conspicuous consumption. There is no goal. There is no vision.

Max Kaehn said...

The goal is the process. “The purpose of power is power.”

Mike said...

Boehner is an excellent negotiator.

The deadline is days away. Obama has already conceded to all of the Republican demands. So Boehner is seeing what else he can get.

Meanwhile, Boehner is ensuring that Obama receives as much, if not more, flak than Boehner for failing to secure the deal.

Obama's reputation will be pretty much shot with Democrats after this. If the Republicans can find a decent candidate for 2012 (currently they've no-one), maybe the Democrats should ditch Obama.

Aleleeinn said...

From the start, Obama compromised when he should have kicked ass. It's just that simple.