Sunday, July 10, 2011


No brothers and sisters, that’s not me. Just a generic mad poet, but it does kinda reflect my momentary mood because – sometime in the wee hours of this morning – I completed my brand new collection of original poetry, and after one final agonizing read-through, I’ll email it off to the guys who intend to publish it. But, even after all these years, now running into decades, I still find myself awash in anxiety, shaking my head and worrying that it is altogether too self-revelatory. (First night nerves every one night stand?) The material is all brand new and was pretty much all written in the last year or so – very much from the heart, or maybe the psychosis. No one has heard or seen it except when I test drove a couple of pieces at a poetry show in Brighton a few weeks ago. The working title of the collection is Machines & Beautiful Women and I’ll keep you all posted as and when it will be unleashed on the world.

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The secret work is Nervous

Wurzel – RIP


Aleleeinn said...

I look forward to its release. And expect great things.
I have read about many an artist being anxious over EVERY performance/creation. At first, it confused me since I considered these people master of their respective crafts.
Then it soaked in. Not being comfortable is the goad that keeps many an artist striving for bigger and better things. Or as that old 60s poet and musician would put it "He who is not busy being born is busy dying."
So pour your muse a shot and NEVER rest on your laurels.

Mick said...

You have figured it out with totally accuracy, my friend.

seeformiles said...

Nervousness before a gig (like a full bladder) focuses the mind and draws out things from yourself you didn't think possible. The day I don't get last minute nerves is the day I hang up the guitar.

bengraham said...

Well, you went down great at the poetry show Mick, so I for one am looking forward to the book.