Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As I watch the live-on-TV squirming of the Murdoch father and son, their sleazy minions, and cops-on-the-pad, (and the pie attack) all I need is snacks.

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The secret word is Hope


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.. Johnny Marbles did a pie attack!

Diamond Jim said...

Who knew Murdoch had that kung-fu, Kill-Bill, dragon lady wife?

Aleleeinn said...

The return of the pie. Made me pour out a gallon of OJ before I remembered what century this was.
That will probablly be the worst thing that actually happenes to RM.
Think the US needs a constitutional ammendemnt requiring manditory death penalties to the the first elvel of corporate managment and the goard of directors in the event of any corporate scandal.

I bet they will watch their monkey if their own asses are at risk.

Can you say plausible diniability--sure you can.