Saturday, July 23, 2011


Right now I can only repeat what I just posted on Facebook. The slaughter in Norway leaves me speechless. Norway? But then I recall the extremes of Norweigan death metal in the 1980s and I start to wonder. Also my distrust of lone psychotics begins to stir.

Steve Sparkes – RIP
Amy Winehouse – RIP


Michael Simmons said...

For several hours yesterday, before the murderer's identity was announced, the New York Times online comments section was filled with folks decrying the savagery of Islamic fundamentalists. For the most part, these posters appeared to be conservative Americans sprinkled with some arch-Zionists. Meanwhile a moderate Islamic group in Norway issued a statement expressing their condolences with a reminder that not all Muslims are terrorists.

After the facts were revealed I sent this letter to the Times:

"I think it appropriate that the Republican Party of the United States issue a statement that their condolences go to the Norwegian people coupled with a reminder that not all right-wing Christians are terrorists."

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Michael Simmons said...

In more NYT comments section news, the most popular readers' comment concerning Amy Winehouse joining the 27 Club had this to say:

"I suppose that many people will comment that 'it's such a shame and such a waste of life,' but I am exactly twice her age and I wish I had anything close to 'Back to Black' to show for it.

"Without the drugs, the addictions and the wild antics, there would have been no 'Back to Black.' No, Amy Winehouse did not waste her life."

-- Anon.
Boston, MA

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Diamond Jim said...

Sometimes you eat destiny. Sometime destiny eats you.

hcb said...

Not terribly amazing that reactionary right wingers were quick to assume that the murders in Norway were the responsibility of loony murderous fundamentalist Islamics.
And it's currently, and will continue to be, even less amazing that they don't acknowledge that they were committed by a loony murderous fundamentalist rightist racist anti-immigrant sociopath.

We wont be hearing anything about that on FOX, I promise you, nor that there continue to be pockets of organized white supremacists running around in the woods in khaki and camouflage, eating their dinners out of bags and cans, and praying to Ted Nugent and the Ford F-150.

We can consider ourselves lucky right now that Murdoch and his organization is on the hotplate and that this Norwegian cretin will be making elaborate statements in the days ahead.

I watched part of a television interview with Arizona senator Steve Smith this morning, about the border fence that he's soliciting donations for, that Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to put prison inmates to work building. Smith was astonishingly slimy. I couldn't look at him for more than a few minutes without cringing--he was unbelievably transparent, a poster child for the hungry hustler, an Anthony Franciosa-typecast political grifter.

Two steps forward, maybe, one step back.

Max Romeo said...

A wha’ you seh, it sipple out deh, oh yeah
War inna babylon, tribal war inna Babylon

Khourma said...

I listened to all kinds of TV, Radio and read various articles on the internet ... the word terrorism has not been used to describe Jens Breivik (Norway). They are waiting for what? Conversion to Islam, perhaps? "