Friday, July 08, 2011


The British counterculture and The News Of The World have had an adversarial relationship that goes back for almost half a century. I recall, way back in 1967, being beaten bloody by police outside the NOTW offices in London’s Fleet Street while protesting the newspaper’s part in the jailing of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger after the Redlands drug bust. And then there were the regular stamp-out-these-hippie-dope-fiends “exposés” that fueled the dangerous red-faced ire of all the saloon bar tweed blowhards who “only read the paper for the sports” and not the weekly catalogue of rape cases. And then, of course, the whole game was played all over again against John Rotten and his ilk in the punk era. Rupert Murdoch has closed down his disgusting organ and I hope its memory will yellow and decay. Unfortunately, I suspect the NOTW will soon be replaced by something equally loathsome like The Sunday Sun.

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Anonymous said...

Don't disagree with you about the NOTW Mick, but The Sunday Sun has been a regional newspaper in the NE of England for many a year...wonder what their circulation will become due to the moron "sports readers"

Aleleeinn said...

Could you get Rupert Murdoch out of public media in Britain so the States will have an example to folloe.
Here with only a few exception the press is nearly dead. Most local papers do NO (as in zero) investigative reporting.
And as much as the right-wing fascist here criticize the NYTIMES, the Times is a trusted news source for the small town conservative papers that line many a birdcage and litter box.
This seems another symptom of the malaise or more accurately full blown infection of the media. I remind you several news sources that got caught copying their stories from WIkipedia only to find the source info was fake.
Think I'll slip down to the Misitry of Truth and turn in a few neighbors.

Fred said...

It will return, but under a different name.

David Mantell said...

"What are you all doing?"
"Freeing the fucking Stones and closing down the fucking News Of The World!"

44 years later - finally, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!