Monday, July 18, 2011


(Are we establishing some kind of theme here while we wait and wonder if Rebekah Brooks will go to jail?)

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Aleleeinn said...

I remember watching him screwing around "backstage" at Cleveland lakefront stadium before a concert back in the '70s. He was in a bathrobe and slippers generally acting crazy humping some guy who looked like security, and was very uncomfortable with the gesture. I don't think anyone else in the audience noticed him. No yelling his name or any such.
I was finally sure it was him when I saw a Rolling Stone photo of him in the same bathrobe.
during the show, we got dusted with rose petals and sprayed with a firehose. Considering how hot it was that day the hose was very welcome.
Securities roughest task was passing jugs of water to the crowd. It was not possible to leave the areas in front of the stage. It was so packed even the dealers couldn't circulate there.
I liked that place. It was organized choas. Ultimately, the crowd was in control.