Sunday, June 19, 2011


May I have one of these beside the bed, nurse? So Finn and I can gorge on pancakes while we ruminate on the upcoming adventure in the corporate mists of Avalon and what might lay beyond in creativity, theatre, and mayhem? The band played like aces on Friday night. One witness on Facebook (our poet pal Ben Graham) referred to us as “The Edgar Allan Poe Blues Band”. That made me very happy. And so now it’s on to Glastonbury and whatever that may reveal for possible futures. But how do we resolve that with the news that the biggest industrial action since the 1926 General Strike looms large a few days later? The shit still piles up so fast you need wings to stay above it, comrades. But could you mix me a Bloody Mary while you’re up?

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The secret word is Solidarity

Clarence Clemons -- RIP

Larry (Wild Man) Fischer -- RIP


seeformiles said...

Any YouTube evidence of Friday night's performance - for those of us not lucky enough to have been there? (Hope springs eternal!) :)

Ian PT said...

Someone was filming there, so fingers crossed...will be well worth seeing

stu said...

i love wild man fischer,this is very sad,go to rhino records.