Monday, June 06, 2011


Our pal Chris Hedges grimly states what ought to be obvious…

“The Earth has already begun to react to our hubris. Freak weather unleashed deadly tornados in Joplin, Mo., and Tuscaloosa, Ala. It has triggered wildfires that have engulfed large tracts in California, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. It has brought severe droughts to the Southwest, parts of China and the Amazon. It has caused massive flooding along the Mississippi as well as in Australia, New Zealand, China and Pakistan. It is killing off the fish stocks in the oceans and obliterating the polar ice caps. Steadily rising sea levels will eventually submerge coastal cities, islands and some countries. These disturbing weather patterns presage a world where it will be harder and harder to sustain human life. Massive human migrations, which have already begun, will create chaos and violence. India is building a 4,000-kilometer fence along its border with Bangladesh to, in part, hold back the refugees who will flee if Bangladesh is submerged. There are mounting food shortages and sharp price increases in basic staples such as wheat as weather patterns disrupt crop production. The failed grain harvests in Russia, China and Australia, along with the death of the winter wheat crop in Texas, have, as McKibben points out, been exacerbated by the inability of Midwestern farmers to plant corn in water-logged fields. These portents of an angry Gaia are nothing compared to what will follow if we do not swiftly act.” (Click here for the whole rant)

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The secret word is Maelstrom


Aleleeinn said...

Fortunately, we have a rescheduled rapture in October, and the end of the world scheduled on December 21, 2012.
The rest of the bad news is that fixing ecological problems takes decades, maybe centuries. AND too many people are simply deying the reality or figuring GOD will bail their asses out. Last time I checked GOD doesn't let pigs into heaven.

The Realist said...

Chris Hedges?! Yeah, there's a reliable source. About 80% of this post is complete bullshit. Is there global climate change? Almost certainly. Is the world going completely to shit in the manner than this chicken little-ish butt monkey is squalling about? Hardly. A little advice: do some real research with some valid scientific mpoints of view (maybe actually from SCIENTISTS) and stay away from the panicky "Our Mother Earth is rebelling, man!" hippie-wannabes.