Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I though this kind of Norma Desmond story was the province of Hollywood Babylon and the 20th century. But this horror tale from E! Online – sent by our pal DTA – makes it clear that Hollywood (as I know first hand) can be still a terminally lonely place of misplaced dreams, exhausted illusions, and frightening isolation. Maybe the poor woman should have had a cat or a dog like Marie Prevost. At least the animal companion could have eaten her. That’s the deal I have with Finn. (Now scroll down for Ms Vickers in better days. Maybe from Playboy? Maybe tasteless and offensive? I dunno, I just figure I’m old enough and far enough down the Lost Highway to joke about death. It makes the inevitable prospect more manageable)

“Former Playboy pinup and B-movie actress Yvette Vickers died at the age of 82. But it wasn't until a year later—last Wednesday—that her mummified body was found in her Beverly Hills home. Neighbor Susan Savage found the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman star lying on the floor of an upstairs room, after pushing open a barricaded front gate, "scaling a hillside", climbing through a broken window and pushing through stacks of "clothes, junk mail and letters" to reach her. Although Vickers generally kept to herself in the neighborhood, Savage decided to check on her after seeing cobwebs and old letters in her mailbox. "The letters seemed untouched and were starting to yellow," Savage said. "I just had a bad feeling." Vickers' body, which was lying on the floor that entire time, was so decomposed that it was unrecognizable. "We've all been crying about this," Savage said. "Nobody should be left alone like that." In spite of the circumstances, police suspect no sign of foul play, and the cause of death has yet to be determined by the Los Angeles county coroner's office. During her career, Vickers starred in horror flicks like Attack of the Leeches and What's the Matter With Helen? and earned a bachelor's degree in theater arts from UCLA. She quickly rose to fame after playing Honey Parker, mistress of Allison Hayes (the titular giantess)' husband in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.”

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The secret word is Fleeting


Billy O. said...
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Aleleeinn said...

I'll have to sign a contract with my cats to eat my body as well Mick. Seems a better way to go. "Better to spend eternity in the belly of a friend than drying to dust on the floor." "Above is a quote for a canibal in Joseph Campbell's Masks of God.
I remember seeing all those movies on TV as a kid.