Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I just love end of the world scenarios. I’ve lived through Nostradamus and 1999, and Y2K and now there’s all this stuff about the Day of Judgment on May 21st. The great thing about doomsaying is that, for me, it’s a win-win situation. If we survive, I get to laugh without mercy at the doomsayers. If we don’t survive, who cares? But let’s get past this and on the big one in December 2012.

"The End of the World has been foretold time and time again, but this time it’s for real. Well, according to Brian Haubert and a small group of true believers, anyway. They claimed that hidden in the Bible are some clues that the world will end May 21, 2011. NPR’s Weekend Edition takes a peek inside the Judgment Day movement (and the radio show behind the latest J-date):
"I’ve crunched the numbers, and it’s going to happen," he says.
Haubert says the Bible contains coded "proofs" that reveal the timing. For example, he says, from the time of Noah’s flood to May 21, 2011, is exactly 7,000 years. Revelations like this have changed his life.
"I no longer think about 401(k)s and retirement," he says. "I’m not stressed about losing my job, which a lot of other people are in this economy. I’m just a lot less stressed, and in a way I’m more carefree."
He’s tried to warn his friends and family. They think he’s crazy. And that saddens him."Oh, it’s very hard," he says. "I worry about friends and family and loved ones. But I guess more recently, I’m just really looking forward to it."
Haubert is 33 and single. Brown is married with several young children, and none of them shares his beliefs. It’s caused a rift with his wife — but he says that, too, was predicted in the Bible."God says, ‘Do you love husband or wife over me? Do you love son or daughter over me?’ There is a test. There is a trial here that the believers are going through. It’s a fiery trial."
As May 21 nears, Brown says he feels as if he’s on a "roller coaster." What if he is raptured but his family is left behind?
"I’m crying over my loved ones one minute; I’m elated the next minute," he says. "It’s all over the place."

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Mike said...

Basil Wolverton illustrated J-Day for Herbert Armstrong in 1956 (predicted date of J-Day: 1975).
Still, Steve Ditko followed Ayn Rand.

Aleleeinn said...

I completely ignore the religious based end of the world prophesies. But I can't pass up a good argument, well an argument against someone who usually hasn't a clue about his own religion.
But Mick, perhaps you remember those astronomical disasters predicted with an accompanying book for sale. Remember "The Jupiter Effect" That one only lasted five minutes before I figured out that it was crap. I'm weird I remember thing like the formula for gravitational attraction.
After figuring the gravitation argument was wrong I then realized that such a catastrophe would have happened before.
Any guess on what the excuse will be this time?

Faux_Smoke said...

Backpedaling day is the 22nd, in may this year, december next year.

Still, it'd be pretty kewl if Jesus showed up to rapture the fuck out of this bitch

Madam Miaow said...

If I was a fundie pissed off by the offing of the Glorious Bearded One the other weekend, I know what I'd be doing on the 21st. I'm staying home. (Oh no! They get you there, as well. Watch out for the meteors.)

Anonymous said...

You mean you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction?

Aleleeinn said...

ROFL Anon. A much better song than 'The Dawn of Correction".

Anonymous said...

I just looked at your blog, Aleleeinn; it's fab! It has a real: 'Is there anyone out there?'feel to it!

Anonymous said...

I guess I better have a shower that morning.


Nazz Nomad said...

i hope these idiots all kill themselves on may 21.