Monday, May 02, 2011


Yukiko may make the commonsense statement, “The human race simply hasn't reached the stage of evolution in which they can control atomic power”, but the global energy corporations and even the President of the United States continue to tout nuclear power as though nothing had happened.

“The nuclear industry has promised the world cheap, safe, and clean energy for over 60 years. As the Japanese government continues to extend its nuclear evacuation zone around the Daiichi nuclear complex in Fukushima, the pushers of nuclear power--including President Barack Obama--still demand that Congress approve ever-larger subsidies for new reactors. Wishful thinking about energy generation has apparently induced both temporary blindness and long-term amnesia about the history of nuclear "mishaps." In 2009, the government subsidized the nuclear industry with $18.5 billion in loan guarantees, which failed to anticipate the total costs of "the next generation of plants." The Nuclear Energy Institute--the industry's lobbying group--now wants $20 billion more in loan guarantees to get the so-called "nuclear renaissance" underway. Before ramping up funding for the nuclear gang, lawmakers should look beyond the current catastrophe and into some of the numerous U.S. nuclear accident reports.” (Click here for more)


Aleleeinn said...

I'm a cynic. I think at bottom its a matter of money. NO ONE will invest the necessary money to make nuclear power safe.
The risks require planning for the impossible. NO ONE will do that. As you (Mick) have mentioned elsewhere the hidden costs are far greater than the advocates will admit.
Humans do very badly with long term activities. So what will we do with the useless waste for the required 30,000 years.
I think, if reports are true, that the Japanese industry did pretty well, planning for disaster, BUT pretty good doesn't cut it based on the consequences. And that is where the Corporations absolutely can't be counted on.
Riddle me this Mick. WHO is responsible for a nuke plant owned by a bankrupt corporation.

Mick said...

The answer is unpleasantly simple. We are responsible. We the people. Whether we like it or not.