Monday, May 09, 2011


Okay, I’ll go along with toad licking but becoming homicidal and mindless by snorting bath salts seems well beyond even my perverse sense of fun. (All this good stuff and the music too comes from UK Steve.)

“From what I understand, there is a new drug on the streets, making ppls lives' worse, killing people, and driving people so see even 'crazier hallucinations' than LSD. The drug has the opportunity to 'tear thru communities' even faster than the popular poor person drug "meth." Here is the sweet, shocking 'sensational' intro that tells the story of a dudebro cutting his own face off.
“When Neil Brown got high on bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven't been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Snow, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky.”
From the Deep South to California, emergency calls are being reported over exposure to the stimulants the powders often contain: mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also known as MDPV. Sold under such names as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning and Hurricane Charlie, the chemicals can cause hallucinations, paranoia, a rapid heart rate and suicidal thoughts, authorities say. In addition to bath salts, the chemicals can be found in plant foods that are sold legally at convenience stores and on the Internet. However, they aren't necessarily being used for the purposes on the label.”

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UK Steve said...

As I'm a fair sort of chap, I should point out that the Harry The Hipster Gibson clip was unearthed by the estimable Joe Beck. I merely forwarded it to Mick.

seeformiles said...

It's not really bath salts and plant food y'know? I think since the cathinones were banned, the dodgier end of Shulgin's compounds are emerging instead. (a bit like amanitas replacing legal shrooms...)

UK Steve said...

Oh, I know... I have had some experience in this area. And Mick's piece makes it plain that it's mephedrone/MDPV based.
But once again it's an example of the futility of the "war on drugs". As soon as one of these products is banned, someone works out how to change the chemical structure but keep the high (and make it legal again. Mephedrone (the plant fertiliser) is now banned over here but the later "bath salts" are, as far as I know, still legal. And so it goes...

UK Steve said...

Actually Mick's post makes it look as though all the stuff in quotes was said/written by me. It wasn't -I just send him a headline and a link.
If I could be bothered, I'd ask him to change it (he's usually meticulous about giving the source of stuff he's posted). But it doesn't really matter - although I'm always highly dubious about these scare stories. We had a lot over here a while back about people killed by mephedrone - and in every case it was either a newspaper confusing it with methadone or they'd been taking meph in conjunction with a lot of other stuff. So they banned mephedrone (sold as plant fertiliser) and wave (bath salts) came along to replace it.
People can get fucked-up on anything. I remain unconvinced that wave is any worse than a lot of other stuff (and have to confess that I enjoyed a little plant food every now and then).

seeformiles said...

It's amazing (though probably not surprising) that after the "meph was the killer" stories were disproved as bollocks (esp. in the case of "Man rips off his own scrotum"!), the myths persist. The need for euphemism when selling these produsts obscures the need to tell potential users that some are highly powerful at very low doses.
(btw I've still got some "plant food" stashed away for special occasions ;)

UK Steve said...

May your foliage be always green and your roots strong, then...

seeformiles said...

Bless you sir! ;)