Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Our outspoken pal Chris Hedges seems to think so.

“I spent a year of my life covering al-Qaida for The New York Times. It was the work in which I, and other investigative reporters, won the Pulitzer Prize. And I spent seven years of my life in the Middle East. I was the Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times. I’m an Arabic speaker. And when someone came over and told Jean and me the news, my stomach sank. I’m not in any way naïve about what al-Qaida is. It’s an organization that terrifies me. I know it intimately. But I’m also intimately familiar with the collective humiliation that we have imposed on the Muslim world. The expansion of military occupation that took place throughout, in particular the Arab world, following 9/11 – and that this presence of American imperial bases, dotted, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Doha – is one that has done more to engender hatred and acts of terror than anything ever orchestrated by Osama bin Laden. And the killing of bin Laden, who has absolutely no operational role in al-Qaida – that’s clear – he’s kind of a spiritual mentor, a kind of guide … he functions in many of the ways that Hitler functioned for the Nazi Party. We were just talking with Warren about Kershaw’s great biography of Hitler, which I read a few months ago, where you hold up a particular ideological ideal and strive for it.” (Click here for more)

Meanwhile, over on the right, the shit is stirring. Here is a selection of comments from the loathsome Michelle Malkin’s website.

“Obama simply took Bush’s work and used it to his own political advantage. Thanks Georgie-boy. More proof he was really a leftist.
Since when have you seen a crowd of college age people that would celebrate a victory for the US? They are brainwashed everyday to hate our country and everything it stands for just like our fearless leader.
Do they really expect us to believe that this is spontaneous and that people carry 2008 Obama campaign signs and flags with them? Do you know any student that owns a flag?
Some moronics have a sign that says Obama 1, Osama 0. What a libtard. Liberals have NO shame. None at all.
I do give Obama credit for being willing to give the order to pull the trigger. At least he did do more than fire some cruise missiles at empty tents, which is all the first black president managed to do. I notice Obama kept many of the same methods that Bush used, as he should since those policies were much better and wiser than candidate Obama ever gave him credit for.
This should have been the press conference: Barry: “Despite of all my actions to the contrary, Osama Bin Laden has been killed”.
And don’t forget, we used “torture” to get the pertinent information we needed to get that a-hole. Shame on us!
Is it too early to place bets on how soon college Liberals start wearing OBL’s face on their defiant, latte stained tee-shirts?
I said it before and I’ll say it again…BUSH.DID.IT! This was not a victory for Obama. He (and Holder) fought against EVERYTHING that should have been done. And in spite of him, our military prevailed. He is taking full credit, of course. But this victory goes to George W. Bush.”
(Click here to see for yourself. At Doc40 our concepts of free speech are close to absurd.)

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Aleleeinn said...

Ok, I'm doing this comment via a text editor then posting to the blog. The blog ate my post from this morning. That was the second time that happened. I guess it’s a timeout on holding the comment entry.
Ok, firstly. I doubt that any long term good will come from the death of Bin Laden. I unfortunately believe that any international trial would be nothing but a political circus. I will not miss Bin Laden, and I do agree that he was not running Al Qaeda. Only social and economic change will defeat the goals of Al Qaeda and the massive western corporate expansion and subjugation of the have nots of the world.

Next--the Amerikan right. "Genius reaches for the stars, but stupidity knows no bounds" (as far as I know this is my aphorism). Their absolute idiocy in the matter Bin Laden's death being a product of the work of George W. Bush is far beyond abject stupidity. I'll explain it in simple terms. The first rule of security is--KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. The second rule of security is--MAKE SURE THOSE AROUND YOU KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. George Bush ran his mouth without his brain attached and missed the 9/11 attack. He followed that by running his big mouth bellowing threats and all the bad guys got away. Obama kept his mouth shut and let the security people do their jobs. We worked with allies and some who really aren't allies to track Al Qaeda operatives. Until Bin Laden's death he did keep his mouth shut. I am simply tired of hearing the same stupid lie coming out of the mouths of stupid vain little fascists.

Mainstream media--A very stupid journalist commented very early that the US forces should have captured all of the stuff at Bin Laden's compound. DUH!!! Of course they did and they aren't going to tell anyone one exactly what they found, unless they are playing a disinformation game trying to spook Al Qaeda operatives. CIA analysts will be rolling up lots of O/T sifting through the cache.

Bottom line--Bin Laden is dead. I'm not rejoicing in his death. Maybe it will bring closure for New Yorkers, but judging by the assholes out there, it will spawn chauvinistic acts of violence against Muslims out of the "My team beat your team mentality"