Thursday, April 21, 2011


But from cute kittens to very dubious humans. These white supremacists have a site on Blogger. Needless to say, there is no Content Warning. Here’s an excerpt…

“If you live in a majority white nation it may be difficult for you to comprehend the plight of our white brothers and sisters around the world. Even in "white" nations, we are soon to be the minority race. What does this matter? You may think to yourself. It matters a whole lot. Whether you like it or not, people of non-white heritage have a real hatred for those of European ancestry. (white people) White people make up less than 10% of the world's population. As our numbers continue to decline, and our borders become even more porous, where do you think that leaves white children. Do you think blacks, Asians, Mexicans, or Jews will create and organize world wide relief efforts to help save the remaining white children? Do you think they will set up Hollywood styled charities and host fabulous galas to raise money for the support of white children? Do you think the leading educators will prompt school children to save their pennies to be given to white heritage funds? Do you think scholarships for white children will be started? Do you think they will continue the mission that millions of white people have been involved in for thousands of years - the propagation of the Christian faith?”

Why don’t I flag then as offensive? Because I simply don’t engage in that kind of thing.

Click here for a rant by Little Andrew

And click here for a song from his sisters


Diamond Jim said...

I suspect these are the people who find you offensive.

fifilaru said...

Well there is your solution! Become a racist pig! Oh, no, that does not sound right.

Who do I contact at Google to let them know I donʻt find the blog objectionable? If you can report a blog, one should also be able to counter the report.

Anonymous said...

it's easy: just click at "report abuse". but would you really want to become like these loonies?