Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Older readers will remember how, in the 1950s, Pat Boone was the anti-Elvis. He sanitized the fuck out of Little Richard songs and peddled wholesomeness like it was bad dope. When his white-bread shtick ran out of road, he hit the born-again trail exploiting faith-based gullibility, with just one short and ill-starred venture into metal (see below). He now has a syndicated column. In this one he explains why the demented right have such a grip on US media.

“Ever wonder exactly why conservative TV and radio out-rate traditional and network media, sometimes 3 or 4 to 1? Why Fox News drowns CNN regularly, virtually at any and all times of the day? Why Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and a whole host of conservative talk-show hosts attract millions more listeners and viewers than any more liberal counterparts, no matter when or where they're on the air? Why conservative Web and blog sites like this one attract millions of readers and responders, while most of the more liberal ones scramble and compete for smaller audiences? Why Bill O'Reilly is a more trusted source for accurate news and reasoned viewpoints than any of the big network anchors? Why Glenn Beck has been tripling or quadrupling the ratings of a Chris Matthews or a Rachel Maddow, even though the latter have huge networks and lots of money to promote them? There is one simple reason: These programs and hosts resonate to the true feelings of a majority of Americans!"

And if that’s true, we’re fucking doomed.

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The secret word is Credulity


Chad said...

Yes. Yes we are.

George Tee said...

And "we" want a special relationship with them because ...?

rickyn58 said...

way beyond simply doomed/ we're the universes biggest joke/that's why the aliens vist, just to shake their heads and laff

M. Bouffant said...

It's mostly because the old fools who slurp up this crap are retired, & have nothing else to do.

The hucksters are preaching to the senile choir.

Aleleeinn said...

rickyn58: that's why I come here.

"Fear is never boring". And since 9/11 its been the chief marketing tool of the neo-cons.
This started with cop shows in the '70s. The people who watched them regularly believed things were worse than they actually were. So now we have full time used cars salesman selling the fear. It is not unfair to call these people good Nazis. They are looking for an easy solution which requires no effort on their parts.
That is the myth of fundamentalist salvation. "You're saved--you don't have to do anything with your life now."
It doesn't bother these people that their allies have more accumulated wealth than they can possibly use.
And IMHO the lot are waiting for the rapture or Armageddon, and are doing their part to make it happen. Of course, they are too stupid (willfully ignorant) to know that those who bring on the end are doing the work of the devil.
IMHO the whole Judao-christian-Islamic vision is broken.
When the allies tried to make their own version of "The Triumph of Will" they found they couldn't out do the imagery. So, they kept the images and flipped the sound. I say give the sheep something else to be afraid of. Attack them and the rest of the fundamentalist extremists as perversions of their espoused religion, which is what they are.
Or we can sit back and enjoy the end of a failed experiment.

Joe the Lion said...

Meanwhile up here in Canada, or Kanuckistan as the Fox News fascists prefer to call us, many of us fear that Monday's Federal Election will give the Conservatives a majority giving them the power to impose their Fundamentalist ideology on us once and for all. The best we can hope for in another minority Parliament, which is the only thing keeping those dogs on a short leash.