Saturday, April 09, 2011


I turned on the BBC news to hear about a shooting on a Brit nuclear submarine. A sailor assigned nuke duty going postal? And then the London Daily Mail told me that the President of the United States may have had secret and sinister brain surgery. By comparison I feel positively rational.

“It could be caused by the shape of his hairline, a slightly slapdash barber or simply a trick of the light. But bloggers in America are convinced the ‘scar’ on Barack Obama’s head has a more sinister explanation. Conspiracy theorists claim the line, running up over the president’s crown from behind his right ear, proves he has secretly had brain surgery. They suggest it could be anything from a routine procedure to the work of extra-terrestrials, and have posted enhanced images of his head on Right-wing blogs as ‘evidence’.”

Click here to see “the evidence” presented on a knee-jerk site called Escape Tyranny.

Click here for GG Allin

The secret word is Delusional

Sidney Lumet – RIP
Johnny Preston -- RIP

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Aleleeinn said...

The rapture has happened and the smart humans have left the planet. The only intelligent life on earth is doing final observations and trying to pick up a few extra galactic credits.
Even the dumb human should know my kind doesn't leave scars when we perform surgery. I mean did you see a scar whe we upgraded Dubya's brain to a class D monkey brain. NO!