Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here at Doc40 we really don’t like landmines, but sometimes some weird benefit can come from the most nasty nastiness. And we love Rock Hopper penguins.

"The Falklands War also left the penguins with a bizarre kind of habitat protection. During Argentina’s occupation of the islands, its military laid landmines along the beaches and pastureland near the capital city to deter the British from reclaiming the area. So far, those landmines haven’t killed anyone, but the well-marked and fenced-off explosive zones have made for prime penguin habitat. The penguins aren’t heavy enough to set off the mines, but because sheep and humans are, the little guys have to minefields all to themselves.” (Click here for much more)

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The secret word is Flightless

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slim tim slide said...

when penguins 'court' the male offers stones to the female on his flippers, the bigger the better, I sincerely hope these critters have no access to large stones.

In other parts of the world they use goats to clear the mines.

oh dear what have we done?