Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I kinda go along with this. If I was an alien I don’t think I’d want humans to know I existed.

“Has ET evolved to be discreet? An evolutionary tendency for inconspicuous aliens would solve a nagging paradox – and also suggest that we Earthlings should think twice before advertising our own existence. As physicist Enrico Fermi argued in 1950, unless the evolution of life is unique to Earth, there must be many intelligent species out there. So why have they neither phoned home nor been detected by us? "It's a real paradox," says Adrian Kent of the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In order to explain the Fermi paradox, Kent turns to natural selection – and suggests that it may favour quiet aliens. He argues that it's plausible that there is a competition for resources on a cosmic scale, driving an evolutionary process between alien species on different planets. Advanced species, for example, might want to exploit other planets for their own purposes. If so, the universe would be a violent place, and evolutionary selection may favour the inconspicuous – those who lay low on purpose, or who simply lack the skill or ambition to venture forth or advertise their existence.” (Click here for more)

Click here for The Rolling Stones being shamelessly psychedelic.

The secret word is Sssssh


Robert Fiore said...

After the first moon landing a newspaper asked a number of science fiction writers for their comments. J.G. Ballard's was, "If I were a Martian, I'd start running now!"

seeformiles said...

I've just had a warning before being allowed to enter Doc40 that it contains "content that some readers have found objectionable" - all I can say is "Well Done Mick!" - keep it up fella!

Aleleeinn said...

One: Aliens (or Aleleeinn) find humans too boring and underdeveloped to even bother. They've outgrown stirring up ant nests with sticks.
Two: ETs travel faster than light so their trail hasn't reached us yet. And their current communication are not detectable by human's primitive society.
Three: They are Nietzschianand won't deal with human until they overcome their massive "Human" frailties. Overcome themselves--evolve intellectually and socially.
Four: this is the MATRIX and of course humans don't know it.
Five: Human society is the most advanced technological society in the universe. Now, don't that both feed your ego and scare the hell out of you? That means no one will come down and fix us--I mean show us the better way to enlightenment/salvation. See # THREE above.