Friday, April 15, 2011


And yes, Finn wants one.

“Cats love anti gravity. I bet you didn’t know that. This device was invented by Swedish immigrant Per Karlsson in the early 50s, and a small series was produced in Wellington for a while. But people didn’t go for it as much as Karlsson had hoped; maybe because they didn’t fancy having the cat hover around too much. In case you’re wondering what the little cap with the “antlers” is the cat is wearing on its head, it’s the mind reader. The cat steers the machine with her thoughts, because, how else would she.” (Click here for more)

Click here for Lou

And while you’re clicking, click this. (It’s worth the effort)

The secret word is Angora


Aleleeinn said...

I know exactly why the device didn't catch on. Nearly all cat owners KNOW that cats have anti-gravitational and teleportive abilities as innate physical characteristics.
They have seen the fat beast that can barely climb onto a chair appear in the center of a cloth covered dining table and show no evidence of either jumped to the table or walked across it.
Ask a cat owner about their cat appearing and disappearing from locked rooms. Ask them about the cat confined to the basement, which by otherwise inexplicable means, somehow winds up on the bed.
And forget telepathy. Even non-cat owners have experienced that.
Per Karlsson started his life in America by building a "mouse trap" that didn't need to work, but as you pointed out no one beat a path to his door.

Diamond Jim said...

Hey, Aleleeiin, round of applause. That was a funny comment.

Joe the Lion said...

Very funny, Aleleeinn. My cat can walk through walls.
Love the Scarface link, Mick.