Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Back in the day this would have triggered a riot on Market Street.

“San Francisco's Entertainment Commission has proposed that all bars, clubs, and venues should be required to photograph and collect ID from everyone who comes in for a drink or a show. The photos and personal information would be retained so that police could get a list of every person who was in the club on any given night. Leaving aside the (obvious) fourth amendment issues inherent in governments collecting massive databases of presumed-innocent people's lawful activities and movements, this is also a security nightmare, in which thousands of club staff and their friends would have access to personal information that would be of great interest to stalkers, creeps and identity thieves.” (Click here for more)

But click here for San Francisco to Paris in two and a half minutes (with aurora). Courtesy of Wendy

The secret word is Invaded


chuck said...

a known pill dance club in brisbane au has had an id scan b4 entry policy for months now - apparently so they can detect previously banned customers b4 they gain entry hmmmmm. many years ago a chain of bash em beer barns had a similiar system and were using the details for marketing purposes until complaints stopped that. I'm happy to have grown up in a time where you could go into the public without being tracked like a criminal for the epress purpose of having FUN... I pity the next generation who will never have memories of privacy :(

maximum bob said...

But SF is one of the most liberal
cities on earth. Could it be that there is a fine line dividing the far far left from fascism?

Aleleeinn said...

Mick no one will abuse this kiond of thing. But they need cameras in the toilets to make sure no one writes offensive remarks on the walls. I'm sure someone will volunteer to review the tapes. I need a parttime job.
But seriously, everyone is looking to make an extra buck. And also cover their posterior (can I say posterior without offending someone). There is an old Hall & Oates song about video surveillance way back in the '70s. We just have better tech.

stu said...

some of my pals here in the sticks have planned their path through town to avoid`s a tricky one,if used `innocently` then it can be a great tool but as we all suspect (at least on this site)it is the next step in population control.bash em beer barns,sounds brilliant.