Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last week we posted this photo. We claimed it was Elizabeth Taylor, but we may have been wrong. World of Wonder tells us…

“This photo, which is purported to be a 24-year-old Elizabeth Taylor in her only nude shot showed up in every media outlet on the globe, is now being challenged as being a photo of someone else entirely. According to sources close to the image, the lady in question is an obscure American actress and model named Lee Evans. That's the name that appears in the caption under the photo in Classic Nude Photography: Techniques and Images, Peter and Alice Gowland''s 2001 book of pin-ups. The book claims the photo was taken in 1940 – when Taylor would have been eight. Alice Gowland says, "It's an absolute falsehood that it is Elizabeth Taylor." The photo agency that released the picture has suspended its distribution while there is a possible challenge to its veracity."

Click here for high Liz drama

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