Monday, April 11, 2011


No, the world didn’t die screaming. We just put the band back together. And more and more pieces of live video surface of the Portobello All Stars in relentless action. Here’s a very fine piece of film by Ann Yonan of an interesting performance of our song "Aztec Calendar" at the Boss Goodman Testimonial at The Inn On The Green back in the winter. And, for greater comprehension, here are the lyrics.

Lit by the chrome-flare of falling warriors
Carrion scavengers scrabble for white hot insignia
You thought the biblical end times were a motherfucker?
Listen friend
The Aztec calendar just ran out

Witchfire as the hotel burns
Ain't no point in saving your luggage
Ain't no point in even saving your soul
Walk the dog, baby
The Aztec calendar just ran out

Dice roll redundant under their own power
The shooter ain't coming out ever again
The pit boss goes down on his own gun
Cops know fear
The Aztec calendar just ran out

Passion flowers in smoldering rags
Have no pointers to salvation
Custom car cannibals put it park
The death knell is number one
On the Billboard hot hundred
The Aztec calendar just ran out
How long do you think a single species
Can go round and round in the revolving door
Without someone screaming "this shit must stop"?
The Aztec calendar just ran out

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seeformiles said...

Hi Mick. Planning on doing anything musical in Brighton soon? I'm due to visit my sister-in-law but can't stand her boyfriend so an excuse to go out would be good? :)