Thursday, March 03, 2011


More evidence emerges that life on Earth was perhaps nudged into being by intervention from elsewhere. The popular report comes from Io9

“Meteors may have seeded the planet with life-giving ammonia. New research adds more weight to the claim that the lifeless Earth may have been helped in the right direction by a stray asteroid. Carbon-containing meteorites found in the Antarctic have nitrogen locked away inside them. And when these meteorites are treated with heat, pressure and water, they emit ammonium — which the researchers argue was the precursor to complex biomolecules that formed the first single-celled creatures. The exciting part? The nitrogen found in the meteorites is measurably different from any found on the Earth. If this hunk of rock isn't our ancient parent, it shows that one like it could very well have been.”

The scientific details come from PNAS

“Carbonaceous chondrites are asteroidal meteorites that contain abundant organic materials. Given that meteorites and comets have reached the Earth since it formed, it has been proposed that the exogenous influx from these bodies provided the organic inventories necessary for the emergence of life. The carbonaceous meteorites of the Renazzo-type family (CR) have recently revealed a composition that is particularly enriched in small soluble organic molecules, such as the amino acids glycine and alanine, which could support this possibility. We have now analyzed the insoluble and the largest organic component of the CR2 Grave Nunataks (GRA) 95229 meteorite and found it to be of more primitive composition than in other meteorites and to release abundant free ammonia upon hydrothermal treatment. The findings appear to trace CR2 meteorites’ origin to cosmochemical regimes where ammonia was pervasive, and we speculate that their delivery to the early Earth could have fostered prebiotic molecular evolution.”

I have, of course, a vested interest in all this since I now find myself working on a fiction epic in which all life here is supposedly a result of nephilim genetic mess-around. Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA, dubbed the whole business “directed panspermia”. Click here for more.

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The secret word is Exobiology


peterrocker said...

Is there any alien life on earth???

Yes, but I'm just visiting.

mrjohn said...

I have an alien registration card which I am legally obliged to have on my person at all times.

This is true