Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Taking, for a moment, leave from grim reality we learn that Lord of the Rings has been rewritten with Sauron as the good guy…

“In Salon, Laura Miller writes about a novel by Yisroel Markov which tells the LOTR story from Mordor’s point of view. Here’s a summary of The Last Ringbearer: In Yeskov’s retelling, the wizard Gandalf is a war-monger intent on crushing the scientific and technological initiative of Mordor and its southern allies because science “destroys the harmony of the world and dries up the souls of men!” He’s in cahoots with the elves, who aim to become “masters of the world,” and turn Middle-earth into a “bad copy” of their magical homeland across the sea. Barad-dur, also known as the Dark Tower and Sauron’s citadel, is, by contrast, described as “that amazing city of alchemists and poets, mechanics and astronomers, philosophers and physicians, the heart of the only civilization in Middle-earth to bet on rational knowledge and bravely pitch its barely adolescent technology against ancient magic.”

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The secret word is Nazgûl


Billy O. said...

I read this last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I shal;l never think of Elves in the same light again.

Added bonus: no bloody Hobbits!

Mike said...

Glenn Beck as an orc.

Anonymous said...

The deconstructionists never quit--even when no social good could possibly result from their "flippings".