Monday, March 28, 2011


Teen Christian Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora doesn’t get down on Fridays. She’s getting conducted tours of Hell from Jesus and some attendant angels.

“Jesus told me that many famous people were walking to that place, famous and important people. Take for example, Michael Jackson. This man was famous all over the world but he was a Satanist. Although many people may not see it that way, but it is the truth. This man had satanic covenants: He came to agreement with the devil in order to achieve fame and attract many fans. Those steps that he performed, that's the way I saw demons walk while tormenting people in hell. They would slide backward and not move forward, while they shout; enjoying the anguish they impose upon the people. Let me tell you that Michael Jackson is in hell. The Lord showed him to me after Michael died. He let me see Michael Jackson tormented in flames. I cried to Jesus, "Why?" It wasn't easy to see how this man was being tormented and how he would scream. Anyone who listens to Michael Jackson's songs or sings them or who is a fan of Michael Jackson, I warn you that Satan is trapping you in his web so that you will end up in hell.” (Click here for the whole weirdness)

Click here for Arthur Brown (via Jenny Spires)

The secret word is Lucifer

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The image of demons that dance around just like Michael Jackson while tormenting the Fallen in Hell is priceless.