Friday, March 04, 2011


“Oh shit.”

Each time I look at the news of the environment, it seems to be quantum degrees worse. (And to think we have to put ourselves through so much of this grief because super-rich bastards don’t want to pay tax and oil barons maximise profits.)

“Life on Earth is hurtling towards extinction levels comparable to those following the dinosaur-erasing asteroid impact of 65 million years ago, propelled forward by human activities, say scientists. This week, scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, announced that if current extinction rates continue unabated, and vulnerable species disappear, Earth could lose three-quarters of its species as soon as three centuries from now. "That's a geological eyeblink," said Nicholas Matzke, a graduate student at UC Berkeley and author of a paper describing the doom-and-gloom scenario. "Once you lose species, you don't get them back. It takes millions of years to rebound from a mass extinction event." This means that not, too far in the future, backyards might not be buzzing with bees, bombarded by seagulls or shaded by redwood trees. And while that might seem far off, species are already disappearing on a global scale. In recent history, we've lost the dodo bird and the passenger pigeon, the Javan tiger and the Japanese sea lion, and now, maybe the eastern cougar - declared extinct by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday.” Click here for more

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The secret word is Gaia

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Mike said...

Republicans attack Obama's environmental protection from all sides
Environmental protection in US under attack from extremist Tea Partiers backed by big business