Friday, February 18, 2011


I just love this. The idea of a huge white horse towering over the Kent countryside echoing the great white horses carved in prehistoric chalk hillsides is nothing short of magnificent and fills me with delight. It also sets me wondering how long it is intended to remain there. Is it designed forever, to survive and mystify the distant future like the Stonehenge or the Sphinx? (Of course, when I lived in the Lower Manhattan in the 1980s, I used to ask myself the same question about the towers of the World Trade Center.)

“A giant white horse has been chosen as a new £2m art commission for south east England dubbed "Angel of the South". The design, by former Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger, was selected from a three-strong shortlist as part of the Ebbsfleet Landmark Project. His design for the public art commission will see a horse standing on all four hooves at 33 times life-size. Once built, it will dominate the north Kent landscape, standing as high as Nelson's Column at about 164ft (50m).” Click here for more and a video.

Click here for the Rolling Stones

The secret word is Shadowfax


Anonymous said...

Why the halter?
I'd like to see it free of man's restraint.

Anonymous said...

... seriously? nothing on stuxnet & legion? WTF! HEY! GOOGLE "STUXNET" & READ A FUCKING NEWS ARTICLE! DAMN!



The worm used to wreck-shit-up for the Iranian nuclear programs gets hijacked & uploaded to the net for the whole world to play with & you niggaz ain't made a post or comment yet?

WV = stench

no joke... stench.

tony said...

It Would Look Even Better With A Giant John Wayne Atop it..........

Mick said...

Okay, so the Stuxnet story is complex and interesting to the point of paranoia inducing, but why the fuck are you yelling at me about it?

Diamond Jim said...

A concern about Stuxnet would seem to do little for literacy.

Anonymous said...

For being all subversive & promoting anarchy & whatnot, I figured the folks around here would have been all over a group stealing military tech & uploading the blue-prints for the entire world to play with. This story is being swept under the rug because it was a major win for Anon while it was a definite & dinstinctive loss for an Anon target & the US Gov.

Hence the caps lock/yelling.

& don't forget that you were talking about Anon back before they were a terrorist organization & were just a bunch of kids protesting the church of Scientology & telling fools not to fuck with 4chan... Just look at 'em now.

SIDE NOTE: You want to talk about literacy, ask yourselves, can you issue any commands on your computer? Can you at least hit ctrl+alt+delete (no offence to the other OS options out there, just speaking in generalities) & prioritize the processes that determine your CPU usage?

Mind you, if you're the hendrix of haxoring shizznayat, raw talent is good & literacy isn't exactly important, though, L337$P34|< \/$ 3|\|9L1$|-|... d03$|\|'7 PhU(|<1|\|9 /\/\4773r 1Ph j00Z 4$|< /\/\3.

Perhaps learning to code might otherwise be of concern in place of proper grammar during this day & age.