Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Our good friend Jon of Poetry Is For Assholes sent the following…

“I have a friend, a former bad boy. He used to sell rolls of bennies at the truck stops on 1-99 in the fifties. From there he went on to buying bulk methedrine from pharmaceutical warehouses and selling it to the San Francisco Hells Angels. His amphetamine fueled story went on for some years after that. He's not that guy any more. In fact, he counsels street schizophrenic addicts. Consequently he follows the literature, popular and professional, on street drugs. I dropped by his apartment this morning and he pulled out a copy of "Speedfreak". He showed it to me and said, "This is a really interesting book. Have you ever heard of this guy? " As a speedfreak from back in the day he says you got it right. I thought you might like the words of appreciation. By the way, did you know that if you spray bug spray on an old window screen and let it dry, you can scrape it off in powder form, snort it or shoot it and get "high"? That's the kind of shit his clients do when they can't afford good drugs.”

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Jon said...

Goddamit Mick, Now we're gonna have to show ID and sign a book to buy RAID.