Thursday, January 20, 2011


That’s what they claim in this story from MrMR.

“Physicists at the University of Queensland in Australia claim to have discovered time teleportation no flux capacitors involved: Just like quantum physics allows for teleportation in space, they say that the same is possible in time. Time Travel to... the future! Now, hold on to your plutonium-proof underpants. This doesn't mean we are going to the 24-and-a-half century driving Mr. Fusion-powered DeLoreans. Their discovery shows that entangled quantum particles can travel into the future without actually being present during the time between now and the future. Before, we knew that quantum teleportation works in space. Two identical particles at different locations are linked in such a way that, when you change the state of one, the other one instantly changes in exactly the same way, no matter how many miles or light-years are between them. This is a phenomenon that defies our understanding of reality, and it just got even more complex with this discovery. University of Queensland's scientists Jay Olson and Timothy Ralph claim that the quantum entanglement is a fundamental part of the universe, and it works both in space and time, so changing the state of particle today instantly changes the same particle in the future, even while the particle will not exist between those two points.” Confused? Click here for more.


............butlincat said... ...who needs it? ...b.

Graeme K Talboys said...

I've been time travelling into the future since 1953 (and plan to do it for a while longer).

Löst Jimmy said...

I've been perfecting a time machine using a ATCO lawn mower engine alas the model has long since ceased to be manufactured therefore spare parts are no longer produced...One would need to go back in time to purchase the said missing parts...the two stroke engine fumes however do create a hallucinogenic effect causing one to believe they have travelled in time...Yours currently traversing through 1971