Sunday, January 23, 2011


While waiting to find what the fuck really went down with Keith Olbermann, I may have invented a cocktail. It’s something I played around with many years ago and only recently returned to when I started to worry that, partially due to my illogical fondness for Coca Cola, I was getting far too much sugar in my diet. The recipe is fairly simple. You take a tall highball glass and add…

One part Campari
One part Vodka
Dash of pure lemon juice
A great deal of ice
And fill the glass with soda water and garnish with a slice of orange.

I’ve heard that’s there’s something somewhat similar that’s called a Red Russian, but the too painfully obvious name for my version could only be one thing. That’s right folks, it’s a…Pink Fairy.

The secret word is Groan


Helga Colquhoun said...

Of course it is! BTW have you heard of the 'Breakfast Martini"? It's basically vodka and marmalade in a blender with lots of ice...

Peromyscus said...

Important you learn of a second 'rock and roll" drink, the Jimmy Page breakfast.

Jimmy Page completists have been unable to determine if it's genuine, but if it isn't, it should have been.