Sunday, January 02, 2011


One of the major changes in my emotional environment since I made it back to England is that I am no longer a thrall of the 24 hour cable news cycle. No more Keith Olbermann, no more Rachel Maddow, and certainly no more of Glenn Beck’s daily lunacy. I am now living in a place – with a very large TV – where the news is concise and to the point and comes from all over the world, and is not so completely dedicated to the latest in crypto fascist idiot-howling. Indeed, Brit TV seems very much the way I left it except there’s so much more including plenty to avoid. I am, however, at risk of becoming addicted to Eastenders, and Xmas telly was massively predictable – Lawrence of Arabia, The Man Who Would Be King, Dr Zhivago – David Lean, memories of empire, James Bond, Sean Bean as Sharp, and acres of Dr. Who. And then, on New Year’s Day there’s a Godfather marathon. But the news cannot be totally avoided and too much of it over the Yule has been dedicated to politicians round the globe telling the people who elected them that 2011 is not going to be a picnic – gruel for Sunday prole-breakfast – as though somehow it was our fault. But it isn’t our fault. I didn’t drive the economy into the ditch, motherfucker. That was you, aiding and abetting your corporate masters in any bizarre larceny they could get away with. And, meanwhile, in other news, bankers still pick up their obscene bonus cheques and attend masked balls like they were the fucking Doge of Venice. So – finally getting to the point – that’s when a Jack Daniel’s breakfast seems very damned appealing.

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STU said...

all day breakfast.incidentally what do you think of QI?

Mick said...

I dunno. I only watched a bit of one show and found it kinda patronising.

stu said...

it`s a bit patrician,the tacit premise (see,it`s catching)is stephen fry is the master at a public school & the rest his is worth watching,i found out about dampier from this prog. & it`s usually good ,smug,smart arse brand,who i`ve always been very fond of is absolute crap on most of her progs.likewise arthur english.i`ve been up for 24hrs+ & i`ve had enough breakfast.happy new year chief & nighty night.

Marty G said...

I gave up TV abroad due to it being total rubbish. When I made a visit to the UK after being away for several years I was looking forward to some quality TV only to find even the BBC news had turned into sub standard dumb pigs swill. I wont mention the rest but in two weeks I found nothing worth viewing.
This was the nail in the coffin for my TV watching and I have never looked back. No more watching crap for the sake of having the box on. More time for creative stuff like leaving a comment here.
Kill your Television.

Mick said...

Not before I get bored with re-runs of The Sweeney.

ib said...

Well. Good to hear you're back in town. It's like you never went away, almost. And now that you are once again sharing the same scrying glass as the rest of us proles - flat screen, I surmise - I am glad to see your focus of ire seems a lot less clouded.

In short, it's a hell of a lot easier to to grasp what you're on about. Of course, the fault may have lain with me all along.

Bankers. Eastenders. Jack Daniels. The DHSS (DWP). Familiar territory.