Tuesday, January 25, 2011


As it starts to emerge that outspoken liberal MSNBC news anchor Keith Olbermann was, in fact, a victim of the Comcast/NBC merger, I start to feel more and more comfortable that I’m away from the 24 hour cable news cycle. Back when I lived in LA, I’d take an afternoon break at around 5.00 to watch Olbermann and then Rachel Maddow. With Olbermann gone, I can only guess how long the openly gay Maddow will last under the new corporate masters. As Marketwatch tells it the field may be being cleared for all Fox all the time…

“Comcast is likely using Olbermann, who turns 52 a day before the Comcast takeover of MSNBC is completed later this week, as an example that it won’t tolerate an employee who shows up the owner. Cable news today is a Wild West where opinion and political bias shift from channel to channel. Viewers can get any point of view they seek from one network or another. Though Comcast is likely to pay his successor significantly less than the millions a major television personality such as Olbermann commands and though it’s not known for throwing around big bucks unnecessarily, the ouster of the onetime ESPN anchor is no slam-dunk victory for the cable giant. The new owner is likely to attract its fair share of negative publicity. Olbermann’s supporters — and there are plenty of them — will insist that Comcast sacked him because it had no stomach for his finger-in-the-eye brand of journalism.”

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