Saturday, January 22, 2011


Our pal Aeswiren who always has an excellent command of the facts writes that, even if the Betelgeuse event we talked about yesterday does occur, we will hardly be getting the twin suns of Tatooine

There's lots wrong with this "two suns" stuff.
1/ Betelgeuse is between 430-520 light years away.
2/ At that distance the Super Nova will certainly be very bright, as bright or brighter than the full moon... but it will still be a point source.
A really evil looking glow centered on something you couldn't look at-- a blinding ultra-violet "star". The spectrum for this will be jammed up in the blue white to gamma corner. The contrast with our friendly old yellow sun will be extreme. A genial old gent at the bar, suddenly jostled by a mad, bug eyed, crazed speed freak with just days to live, busily chewing his own tongue off.

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The secret word is Doomed


Anonymous said...

Isn't gamma radiation super bad for organic materials? Doesn't it like, denature cellular structures or something?

& how long is this supposed to last if it does take place? Will it be a brief flash or flicker? A prolonged effect?

nygrump said...

Over the great distance the majority of the radiation would be spread out but I wonder if it could have an effect on the planet.