Friday, January 14, 2011


Our pal Elf Hellion sent us the following. Although I do feel that whatever Google doesn’t have on us already is hardly worth having.

“Just before Christmas, the few right wing conspiracy groups I get mailings from hemmed and hawed that the FCC wanted to give control of the internet to the telecom giants--namely, Comcast, AA+T and Verizon. I thought they were being paranoid. Obama signed it away, despite the fact that over two million people petitioned against it. Now, Obama's administration is proposing a national ID system for anyone and everyone that uses the internet, which is basically everyone. Even the a**hole FCC chairman says this is useless and outrageous. Because the public said no to a national ID system, they're trying to find other methods to shove us further down the Big Brother black hole created since 9/11. has set up a petition... please sign and pass on:” Click here.

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