Friday, January 28, 2011


Baby, it’s cold outside. I’m tired. I’m behind with my correspondence. The Virgin Atlantic TV commercial is in heavy rotation and making me nuts. I can’t contemplate world conquest or even a unique live performance concept. Finn the cat is asleep, and refuses to discuss the dire circumstances overtaking North Africa. Hank Williams is going round and round in my head. All the signs seem to indicate that I should take the rest of the night off. And Russell just called me and advised me to follow the signs. So I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Click here for Hank

Click here for insidious Virgin

The secret word is Isolation


Mike said...

The fantasy of the advert is that Virgin would hire cabin crew that old and experienced. It much prefers to hire school leavers because they're cheaper.

muhammadrazzaq said...

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Maggie M'Gill said...

Dunno if you or Russell are interested, but this IoW festival page is seeking information about the Pink Fairies' appearances there - It's near the bottom of the page.