Thursday, December 23, 2010


England freezes, Calfornia drowns, Yule looms, North and South Korea threatens all-out nuke rumble, both the Captain and the Judge leave the planet, Doc40 takes a couples of days off to reconfigure the wares – both hard and soft – plus the coming holiday supension of services and, if that wasn’t enough, just prior to the Solstice, some folks were suggesting that maybe the popular calculations of the End of Everything based on the Mayan Calendar stone were out by some two years and Reality As We Know it would totally cease last Tuesday lunchtime. But it didn’t, and here we are with little choice but to get on with it.

Click here for Penguin Whacking. Longtime readers will know it’s a Doc40 midwinter tradition.

Click here for an Xmas Edition of Simon’s cat.

Click here for a Dixie fried Elvis

The secret word is Pudding


Mr Kite said...

Yayyyy... Penguins...
Merry Christmas Mick
Love from Canada

stu said...

merry christmas chief.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Last Tuesday lunchtime? Yup. It all came to an end.

Word verification: funchem

Mobile said...

The world is always coming to an end.. One day someone will predict it right but know one will be around to say congrats!!! so whats the point in saying something in the first place, your either wrong or dead