Monday, December 27, 2010


A certain Dr. Bob Benchoff has somehow calculated that Jesus Christ had an IQ of 400, and was the smartest human ever. (If indeed JC was human.) And, if that wasn’t enough, along the way he offers mathematical proof for the existence of God. Click here for the whole thesis.

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Mike said...

Er... the link was missing, so I was forced to google.
Here is Dr Bob's mathematical proof of God's existence, which he performs without needing to recourse to mathematics. Here is his Engineering Specification for Christ.
During his career, Dr Bob has engineered the ocean floor, used the new notebook computer technology and written mind control legislation for the White House. As the highest ranking position holder (known as Level III), Dr Bob has specified the magnetic control of aircraft carriers and submarines for NASA. He has also taught at the National Banking & Brokering College (which may explain a great deal).

Mick said...

Sorry about the missing link. The error is now corrected.