Saturday, November 13, 2010


Should us old boys still be doing this kind of thing? I dunno, but while Keith and Bob are still doing it, I will also endeavor to keep going. I don’t think I’m boasting to say that, at last night’s Boss Goodman benefit at The Inn On The Green, the old firm of the usual suspects really pulled it off, and now we hope for even better in the future. I also have specially thank Russell for his over-and-above help with staging the show, playing like an ace, and so very much more, Zoe Smith and Jaki Windmill for all their unflagging support, Tim Rundall and Greg for some excellent playing, and also the barstool that held me up and enabled me to make all the old moves at my advanced age.
(Image by Billy Oblivion)
The secret word is Implacable


some girl said...

yay! wish i could have been there.

stu said...

youtube me baby

Maggie M'Gill said... don't waste any time, do you?

Mick said...

We don't let the grass grow under our boots.

Dogs said...

I had such a great night. It's a real shame it sold out because I saw plenty of folks sending theyselves home without even attempting to bullshit their way in- english people are much too polite in those sortsa predicaments. Mick I was about to introduce myself, but I managed to spill half a Guinness on my trousers just in time. Another night perhaps..
Best raffle ever.

Anonymous said...

You didn't have to admit to the stool!!!!

Billy O. said...

Ooooh! I got my photograph used!! Hooray!!!

And bear in mind that Ian Hunter is 72 and he's still strumming the old banjo.

Anonymous said...

You ain't too old to riot at 67. A few months ago, you were still 66. Ain't too old to riot at 66 would have been a good song title. On white riot, the clash dial 99999. You could have sang about not being to old to riot at know get a bit of the occult into the mix.
Speaking of rioting, do you approve of the Millbank riot? Have you heard about the Millbank riot? Is this the start of a new wave of student protest? What do you think, Mick?
These are some lyrics i've done for a black punk rock group, do you think they have potential? I'd welcome your critical analysis:

White students got a lot of debts
But they don't mind throwing a fire extinguisher
Black kids idolise rappers
Who teach them how to be materialistic

Black mind revolution, black mind revolution, I want a mind revolution of my own.

Anonymous said...

hey doc,

its been more than a few days. you doing alright?

Little Klunk said...

yeah that man what's happening?

Maggie M'Gill said... ok, Mick?

Anonymous said...

This silence is getting a little bit worrying, i do hope all is well in Blighty

Anonymous said...

It's called, "facebook" & the old fuck learned to use it... he's made a few posts about the lack of blogging / internet connection issues as of late.

Such as, today, about 2 hours ago, he posted:

"I feel like the frog in Zeno's bloody paradox. Each time I think I'll be properly connected to the internet, be able to re-up Doc40, and generally return to cyberspace in the manner to which I've become accustomed, some new delay occures. This time it was the five inches of snow that unexpected dropped on Brighton. I attempt to be patient, but it wears thin."

& then posted,

"Fortunately much of next week will be taken up with rehearsals of new material for the show at The Inn On The Green next Friday, so at least I'll be busy. And who knows, maybe the tech will all miraculously come together tomorrow."

WV = handess

Anonymous said...


WV = stionst

Karena Reiter said... should keep rocking. Why? Because you CAN! Karena

Anonymous said...

I just got home from watching Roger Waters perform The Wall. Looking out over the audience I saw lots of cell phone lights. I was suddenly reminded of the Arlen Proverb spectacle in The Armageddon Crazy. I only noticed one Elvi in attendance, though.

Anonymous said...

Thursday Dec. 9th, 2010, Mick posted to facebook:

"Good news! My broadband is now connected and Doc40 will be easing back into business over the next few days. In the meantime, I will be playing a set tomorrow night with Tim Rundall and Jaki Windmill at the Inn On The Green off Portobello Road. Be there if you can. Okay?"

WV = ingests