Saturday, October 09, 2010


Seemed like it might be time to look at some religion other than political Christianity, especially when, Tennessee, good Christians have instituted the rule that, if you don’t pay the firemen, they let your house burn down.

"Hence there were no abstruse theories about the creation of the universe or the existence of a Supreme Being. These matters might be interesting but they would not give a disciple enlightenment or release from dukkha. One day, while living in a grove of simsapa trees in Kosambi, the Buddha plucked a few leaves and pointed out to his disciples that there were many more still growing in the wood. So too he had only given them a few teachings and withheld many others. Why? 'Because, my disciples, they will not help you, they are not useful in the quest for holiness, they do not lead to peace and to the direct knowledge of Nibbana.' He told one monk, who kept pestering him about philosophy, that he was like a wounded man who refused to have treatment until he learned the name of the person who had shot him and what village he came from: he would die before he got this useless information. In just the same way, those who refused to live according to the Buddhist method until they knew about the creation of the world or the nature of the Absolute would die in misery before they got an answer to these unknowable questions. What difference did it make if the world was eternal or created in time? Grief, suffering and misery would still exist. The Buddha was concerned simply with the cessation of pain. 'I am preaching a cure for these unhappy conditions here and now,' the Buddha told the philosophically inclined bhikkhu, 'so always remember what I have not explained to you and the reason why I have refused to explain it.' – Karen Armstrong, Buddha (Penguin)

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iban said...

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Anonymous said...

I was expecting to see a picture of an albino under the 'Can't Say Fairer Than That' caption.


stu said...

everything going to plan,number one?

roldo said...

Religion(s) would be passing tolerable if every one of them had an injunction against ever revealing or discussing your views with anyone anywhere under any circumstance.

Anonymous said...

where are you? Nothing for days

Mike said...

Is Farren on good terms with his neighbours? As in:
"Not seen Mick for a few days. Perhaps we'd better check on him."