Monday, September 20, 2010


Our good pal Valerie sent us this hot item…

"It is not very strange that a gang of drug traffickers in Columbia trained a parrot to raise the alarm when the cops try to enter their hideout. It happened in the city of Barranquilla - Lorenzo, the parrot apparently shouted - 'run, run, or the cat (not translated by ITN translator) will get you'. The drug traffickers fled but the police have arrested the parrot. Authorities claim Lorenzo is one of nearly 1700 parrots seized by officials after being trained by drug traffickers to act as lookouts. Parrots are great mimics and can mouth words with ease that they have been taught. Moreover, it speaks highly of the gang that hit upon this novel method of advance alarm via parrots - parrots can fly and can observe from a distance the arrival of the police. These birds are a better option than dogs." Best thing you wouldn't probably notice - Lorenzo has a Colombian accent.” Click here for video on Lorenzo.

The secret word is Cracker

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