Sunday, September 26, 2010


While I was still toying with the trout, Finn the cat rapidly consumed two whole fish, two glasses of Chardonnay, all of the desert, and then hurried off because he was late for a nap. He did not tip the waiter, but, then again, he doesn’t carry cash because he has no pockets.

Needless to say, this is all nonsense. The heat – now pushing 100F – has fallen on the city with a vengeance, and I am three parts demented. Someone on Facebook also informed me that it was 85F in New England today. As they put it, “nice but unnatural.”

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The secret word is Sautéed


Maggie M'Gill said...

Although the intense heat and your nigh-total dementia sound intolerable, I still think it was perhaps a trifle hard of you to allow Finn to consume all of the desert, Mick.

Mick said...

Finn doesn't recognize the word "allow."

Anonymous said...

Who wants to read about heat each and every time the merc gets a woody in LA?

Like those people who make small talk about the weather.


Mick said...

So don't. Go read something else for free.(He said irritably, noting even more boringly that it's 112F right now.)