Sunday, September 12, 2010


I’m not pretending to be rational about all this. I want a martini. That manner of mood is upon me after managing to sleep through all the frightened, frightening and maybe less-than-healthy 9/11 mourning, manipulation, and mythmaking. The immaculate, gin-clear attraction calls too loudly to be ignored. I probably shouldn’t have one but what the hell, it’s not going to be easy to get anyway. I have yet to discover a cocktail delivery service, and I am not quite prepared to brave a bar. On Friday night I did a performance here in LA with guitarist Andy Colquhoun that certainly surpassed all of my expectations, and I think was very well received by those who attended. The first ten minutes of the show are up on YouTube and posted by our friend Ann Yonan on my Facebook page. Unfortunately this segment is far from the best of what came to pass. But as Andy and I found our feet and got used to the room, we moved from a slow start and – damn – we really commenced to cook as though some Reichian energy had magically fallen upon us and taken us to heights that were quite a surprise to this tired old boy.

The secret word is Satisfied

Click here for the first clip

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Jettboy said...

As I read this it's just a wee bit after 5:00, and now I want a martini, dammit.

I go with the 'Texas' version of the classic martini; use jalapeno-stuffed olives. Oh yeah...