Monday, September 13, 2010


Moving quickly from the appalling to the ridiculous, our pal Jon has sent us a stunning theory that Lady Gaga is a planned force for mass mind control in the psycho-civilized society. He comments – “Personally I'm hoping some of this is real. It's all so Malcolm MacLaren.” Camille Paglia wrote an analysis of Gaga yesterday in the London Sunday Times, but this is much more fun and also free.

“During their reeducation, subjects are said to be exposed to numerous symbols such as trees, spider webs, masks, mazes, butterflies, etc. They are also shown movies which contain specific symbols (or “triggers”) such as The Wizard of Oz and many Disney Movies. The same way those subjects are brainwashed and reeducated, mass media conducts a large scale mind control project, which starts at birth with Disney movies and continues with Hollywood flicks and music videos. What we must retain here is the symbolism Monarch project engendered and its use in mass media. Monarch is a type of butterfly and became the ultimate “insider’s”symbol of mind control. Symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga, in her pictures and videos, mixes those symbols with occultism of secret societies.. Her vacuous, robotic and slightly degenerate persona embodies all the “symptoms” of a mind control victim.” Click here for the whole theory

Click here at your own risk

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