Thursday, September 02, 2010


For the last few days there have been no posts on Doc40. When confronted with even my own demands to continue I have only stared blankly at a choice of screens. You don’t need me to tell you that Glenn Beck is both a fool and a danger, deep drilling new depths of American stupidity, or that the city of New Orleans is still a mess and a disgrace fives years after, or that Pakistan is in unsurpassed and unimaginable breakdown. I have been in what Wordsworth called “vacant or pensive mood”, coupled with an amazing and immobilizing weariness from the internal demands of all that I continually convince myself I have to do or die, and the external strains of summer in the city in this 21st century, as too many around me seem in the grip of a madness even more damaging than my own. When I measure myself the sanest motherfucker in the valley, I have to believe that said valley is in trouble. And thus when I saw this image posted by our fabulous pals at World of Wonder, I knew I had to gather my wits and strap on my guns again, because, if the alien invasion is coming – and I truly hope it is – I not only have to take notice but decide what side I’m on.

The secret word is Stress


stu said...

you need a break chief.

dh said...

Sounds like time for an appointment with Dr. Rick.

Matthew Maurice said...

Happy Birthday, Mick!